Your one-stop shop for highly skilled mechanical expertise. You’ll get a responsive and proactive team who deliver not only excellent results, but also a highly customer-focused service.

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The Mechanical division gives you a team of highly qualified technicians who collaborate to plan each project at the early stages.

This gives you:

  • Seamless coordination
  • Technical submissions
  • Approval of samples in time to order so the project stays on track
  • Procurement of plant and equipment to be available when needed, saving unnecessary costs
  • Ongoing communication with the site manager to keep everyone in the loop

Mechanical services include:


Design and install of HVAC systems

Drainage systems

Heating including CHP biomass boilers

Medical gases


Rainwater harvesting

Services for commercial, industrial and residential properties

Sprinkler systems


You can count on our years of experience that have built strong relationships with Local Authorities, the Health Service, contractors and consultants. With a combined service of mechanical and electrical engineering you can also benefit from a single dedicated team, saving time and costs.

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